Stamped/Fabricated Sheet Metal Components

MFPL supplies chassis parts and assemblies for Commercial Vehicle OEMs within India and outside. MFPL also supplies fabricated parts for Windmill, Boiler and Solar Power industries. 


Stamping & Fabrication:

  • 30 Presses (30 tons – 1100 tons)
  • 3 AMADA CNC Turret Punching machines
  • Amada Laser cut machine (1.5m x 3.0m)
  • Messer CNC Plasma Cutting machine
  • 5 Shearing machines (upto 5m length, 10mm thick)
  • 5 Press Brakes (upto 6m length, 500 tons capacity)
  • Roll forming m/c (upto 10mm thick, unlimited length)
  • Rolling machines (upto 2.5m length)
  • 50 weld machines (Seam, Spot, MIG, TIG, Submerged Arc)